Lick The Plate - Julie Darling - Seg. #3

Wednesday, September 14th


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Welcome back to look to play on FM 94 and I brought to buy stellar solar enlisted women in this we can hang in with Julie darling she's the founder and president of just call us volunteers they feed the homeless here in San Diego in the tenth anniversary celebration happening this Saturday it's called the wacky wing being welcome back thank you for having me happy to be married so and you've got some entertainment options going at this events and forums kind of cool they are all very cool day in Atlanta and their nickel. Should it if you're gonna talk about efforts streets again today Internet and what is that I heard about her that it ever pursued this. So what I really like about fern street circus is it's a nonprofit is well they do a lot and have worked with schools and kids and they do great things with other nonprofits like us today I recently found out they have the contract with the airport so me go down in greet guests coming into standing there the first time very cool that they're still lockers in clown and I say us has agreed after we get type music art first concert. Home against Jefferson Airplane with my parents. And we went backstage school parents quoted at that stage and grace licks ex husband is my mom's comes just a I. Whatever it takes right here today. A memorable shows through the years The Grateful Dead every show. This is the best tennis in this. Yeah I remember when he is alive and well unable to down I heard this segment is your dream concert line up. John Lennon it. Jerry Garcia Clinton the most traffic back to get a little steam and it pays to earn this summer and it was some some medical goods. And we can talk musical day but we're gonna come back tomorrow gonna find out where you like teeing grounds out. Okay RM back tomorrow with Julie darling she's the founder and president of just cause volunteers they dedicate happening this Saturday tough what you need to check it out it just call us volunteers that work. Such as but you buy store solar checkout the podcast and FM nine foot nine as he got them and put them with the play.