Lick The Plate - Crudo - Seg. #4

Thursday, September 8th


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Welcome back to with a plate on KS ON for a two by stellar solar and host David lemon in its weekend hanging in Carmel Valley at the fabulous new crew do we chef owner Pascal or around welcome back Pascal. Our it was circus of the dancers decked a beat people and what needs fuel to fun house. Announced broad province sentiment those and the idea that. Sounds awesome array so this is where we elect an area they haven't been in San Diego for awhile so I don't know how much you've gotten out but let's start with ten bucks in your pocket when he hit it up for Clinton bucks is easy because billion place on the hurt communal act and doesn't it but we it was sent in and out and melanoma even. At that at its. That's Grey's the main that the pace right so go and open. Killer doesn't make two little ladies and Duncan yeah it's gross from the house for the rest on their zone and enact who's in Burton's last minute you know. It's okay so shows collectively dessert dish that you're craving and a regular basis I listen before I booked us a place unload its importance tomato music program and excerpts and it's he's defined but you know you have a favorite Mexican journey and for Mexican food at all and yet brilliant when he hazard over here. Yeah there was no effect at it right your last supper your last meal on earth starter main hazard was from last nobody and asked me who vehemently taller fish. Okay but he starting it. Anything to start is as the first course live which as we news beach. For shrimp a peck beautiful Mexico and and then you're gonna do a whole fish in a face and then dessert. These are to some. Something fighting. To Phoenix area that it would be to dedicate. And spit stuff we could touch food all day we're going to be back tomorrow. You're gonna walk us through the menu and everything that's going on it crude. I'm backing Paramount though the tomorrow fabulous new crude which Scheffler Pascal or around. Choose but you by Stiller solar check of the podcast that KSO and outcome than that come with the play.