Lick The Plate - Crudo - Seg. #3

Wednesday, September 7th


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Welcome back to with a play on KS ON brought you by stellar solar and host David lemon in this weekend hanging in Carmel Valley at the fabulous new crew do we chef owner passed go low around we'll go back Pasco. I don't know our act with search of the day on this music Wednesday one is going to be the Holbrooke Dino stuff is no time. When the game and he needs fresh troops were Zanardi roasted Nolan and noting go to mashed potatoes I had that on the crew goes sampler I was I was yeah. OK tuck in music group in Belgium I'm assuming your first concert was in Europe similar yes I was in vs spending that the wasn't extra vote that's a case. And it that it was your girlfriend's choice that's the thing Elsa and we've put in the books memorable shows through the years and you stand you know not. And Belgium soldiers. Gupta concertina event once a year of Buena to a thousand people and on the beach well any big names and that I wasn't was it what else and so good staff and now there. Read on any venues sticking out in your memory in your travels us like great places to see have you seen any shows in San Diego it's. You oh and to seeing and gets in the rose this nice just recently yet and they see. And you belly up shows him not there candidates currently that's right because we gotta get this in here your dream concert line up three vans and a stage for a night any year dead or alive we've looked and oh usual dose group and sect here around and who watches them now. Do canyon tennis and sent it to him cover any other and that's a good mix estimates that that's a very well this is a fantasyland and so that's an eclectic mix I like that that would be a great audience and that you know defected. That the bank could step we conduct music all day tomorrow and find out where you like Jeter on San Diego and back with Scheffler past dollar on from the fabulous new crew do in Carmel Valley disrespect you by Stiller so check out podcast. KS ON dot com and click on the fifth place.