Lick The Plate - Mission Avenue Bar and Grill - Seg. #3

Wednesday, August 31st


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Welcome back to the plate yes so when brought to you by stellar Stiller and host David lemon in this kind of hanging in Oceanside at mission avenue bar and grill chef partner Adam Griffin welcome back Adam thank you very much our rights we talked music today and Griffin Georgia Florida so assuming your first concert was somewhere back there. You Tallahassee Florida Crist concert STD's don't double pile and it's memorable shows through the years you know let the most fun ever hide cancers are growing up in the south or a lot of festivals going on blues festivals and this these two or down juke joints in the middle so. Just listening to incredible local blues guys a lot of folk festivals going fast early as just just amazing times to jam circles and jam tax credit all of these brilliant musician that's playing away now whatever their heart wanted to play my best tennis soon and without a downgrade and he came out here their favorite venues in San Diego and we've discovered since you've been here. Most of the blues one possibly Tulsa. Okay. You know solidly beating their long time ago autism dependability and in the belly at times a look really into that again I spoke to him via pay out of this apart this episode is your dream cuts alone you're producing issue for the night if the stage tonight with three bands any Arab dead or alive we've got and I loved opened the concert I'm huge cruise fan I'd be beating as one of my parents since I'm next one from the south all of my old school country and Johnny Cash. And her Hannity and parenthood and down from my data got this from my daddy's old school rock and roll man Led Zeppelin Natick that -- V show I would think that's a battle and I really kind of progress exactly what I outdoor area alien I'm producing this idiotic or flow it's just. You put some thought it Dennis Wright made that I would back them are gonna find how would you like to eat around town you with that he had back in Oceanside mission avenue bar and grill with a partner Adam Griffin just occupants Phillips or check out the podcasts insulin dot com then put him with a place.