Lick The Plate - Mission Avenue Bar and Grill - Seg. #2

Tuesday, August 30th


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Welcome back to a place this went from what you buy stuff with solar and we skated well and in this weekend and CNN the Oceanside mission avenue bar and grill which chef partner Adam Griffin welcome back Adam thanks thanks rather I feel left out yesterday culinary school Florida and we've mentioned this but Jim we're both fans of Cuban sandwiches. Without a doubt so you are and immersed in that world that was awesome growing up in Florida political any school they're great friends from Cuba and Puerto Rico Ray Lewis Michael dean great after culinary school where he went. Fine dining steak restaurant but also with a little creole and influence south it was a real stuff and turned under him first became a sushi later actually became executive center results on Tallahassee Florida offense so that in a nutshell they meteor road to notions and it plows along rain and ice from. Florida moved up to DC for a lot of and a trial at their friends through scene actually was he purchasing agent wanted to largest catering companies out there that's really great experience has -- a lot of different foods Hillary like that area so we decided we valued California heard the food -- hot out here Saturday night here and I'm always looking at learn new things in California regionals definitely it's senate itself in a procedure opponents in the you know those senators got there around four years after that answers lawyer Bruce house was there for about eight months Dan landed and the compass Carl's it was there for round two years and helped him get that running and then were you in your partners that you opened this place than it did yeah actually there's three architecturally -- of -- met at -- land decided you know like we wanna do this ourselves it was our dream and do it you know are pretty much our allies to do it's was lucky enough to have friends that can do it we can all do it too. Up again now that's a good road men I mean that's a way to do it is to build to something you know there right exactly and then you get a sweet spot here thank you very much and I right we're back to where we're going to be talking music that's it come back tomorrow in Oceanside mission evidence bar and grill we should partner Adam Griffin chose to occupy stellar solar checkout the podcast. KS ON dot com and but and with the plate.