Lick The Plate - Encontro - Seg. #4

Thursday, August 25th


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Welcome back with the play and cancel and brought to buy stellar solar analyst David hood and this we can hang in with John -- easy in easy odor of a country road in north part quarterback John thank them so or to show that answers that it's the fried chicken right so we start with Mary's chicken with the best you can buy rating and we make sure we grind it overnight somewhere stays nice and juicy and me deep Fries with that great press and its -- -- doesn't pick in the press to have him go Lily the little spice snare it they would it is says skid their loved tragic RX this is where I like to take notes stomachs in your pocket putting it out to different places they're bird goes for a California for you know camera on and Alpert at camp and going out there don't know day. Ocean here down time really did it. And then with many guests around town Pacific at Del Mar doesn't. And around here mentioned a Mexican jail they deserve or go to Mexican territory. We'll so I just moved in the north park area and it's got to be alcohol content which is really fantastic and it's still often chose public the plate is or something you're creating entering their innocence grips. Any place in particular there well we have now also be my place today in a fills doesn't preach here. There really tennis. So this is they're going your last supper he had a starter from me in the desert when he put him in SI got to go. Food that I grew up with the until the starters going to be eating salad which is cucumbers tomatoes and feta cheese. It means going to be there she stood or Tom lamb chop with him and in the desert is that we it and if so there's a place in. Point Loma college European K gallery opening Nikkei. Black force Kate it's unbelievable. Place at two could put. Million all right we're back to Murray gonna walk us through the menu and everything else is going on at any country whoever ordered under siege and she was much about stellar solar checkout the podcast insulin. The kind with the play.