Lick The Plate - Encontro - Seg. #2

Tuesday, August 23rd


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Welcome back to the plate and canceling got you by stellar ciller and host David -- in this week I think it would giants are easy in easy odor having come true in the north are welcome back John thank you right let's are just of the day on this Tuesday a group in the salad. Five Greek salads obviously route to. Suite 100 cherry tomatoes. And corn on a Condo and my favorite part breakthrough. Nice and intimate touch. So you went to college in Michigan Peterson that you who has Siemens happen and then you know as the round and yes that's going to be their places anywhere and he. Famous around the world yet again so it just tell me in and show that you wrote opening country I know you. Family founded one of the bigger chains around here you know on my mom and dad my sister and I started patent -- stars -- he then Oscar race and -- to -- ten years and in between and a stimulus data and if you start -- my most recently as a sports company in Carlsbad cults close that this is it's a good idea that -- companies still do well great so what gave you an idea of her restaurant in North America I'd -- the restaurant for ten years ten -- it got hooked into the culture of service and taking care of people he and wanted to open something and urban area and north park has been happening area I believe containing you have to create location thirtieth university center of the universe beautiful open environment but on the London Oakland -- -- streets and it's great components -- it's been about six months and then when it is going really -- and you know north -- it's interesting area for me because I've always -- suburb coordinate it and -- so it's urban environment which is just -- its differences. But you're a great location yeah and then we'll talk and music temerity at the stream that's sort of yeah okay. I think I'm back to Merrill attends her keys and he's the owner of froze in North America as much less stellar sort checkout the podcast. Yes a Linda then put them with the play.