Lick The Plate - Bobs Steaks - La Mesa - Seg. 1

Monday, August 1st


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Hey hey San Diego heaters it's with the play hard play as well and it brought you guys stellar solar and we'll stated whether this week and hanging with executive chef Justin Huffington from Bob's steak and chop house pet how many of the Costa resort opens welcome Justin thank you David good to be here fabulous new last night by the way what's her dish of the day at the sputnik. Well I'm starting with one of the appetizers recent news of seared Australian man child with controllers who accused of Saddam that was fabulous and I should say the picture was of music do so where you're from originally I was born in Hawaii and lived there were belt or five years and then spent most of my childhood in Southern California on the condition be visit military cavaliers just didn't know my parents and her deputies during the second is an F at that ended up in Hawaii and slowly integrated back into Saturday to view being which is kind of like threw away sending him. They've had -- to what was going on -- place grownup grownups a doubt they read in the house yeah partners in the backyard has just lots of organic vegetables when the people's market alone and opponents then it's so lots of vegetarian foods heavily Indian influence because my parents were in the few squirming -- interest so you're exposed to that they weren't duties at times let people -- to Latin from scratch and all from scrap metal organic fruits grown recruited given restaurant it's I did later on when I went up to Temecula my first job was at the fish exchange restaurant whose conflict of fish market restaurant and learned early on started as a -- but then moved into the kitchen pretty quick -- was that the time roots of that you think just when you gonna do it was a job in. Hey read it transferred. Very easily print there we're gonna pick that up tomorrow and it's because people move to vote this game happened at just that he was new restaurant to be back executive chef Justin Huntington for plastic top posts at. Constant through. As to podcast he has so when come home. The cut with a play.