Lick The Plate - Prep Kitchen - Seg. #5

Friday, July 29th

Lick The Plate - Prepkitchen in Del Mar


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Kay -- San Diego -- is that click the play it on KSO and brought to -- stellar -- analyst David -- and in this week and hang in Del -- with Jordan believes the executive chef at -- kitchen quarterback Jordan can be backed merit for somebody that hasn't been a prep -- what can they expect it's a small -- compared to a lot of other places like there's a variety of everything for everyone that's a good thing I like to clean enough to make choices can -- sometimes you don't get lost in the many red continued service in cold appetizers we have like -- have brought a -- so we know she's in their experience and -- stone crew with fairly open -- about terrorists we also have our cutting board that's a variety of -- everything you -- on on airing on meats -- spreads all the funds who got -- -- on there and -- refresh and bone -- we talked about pork -- you know of the heavier on that side and entrees you know we're gonna have some fresh process everything is made in house Syria Palestine had the bonus is amazing and it comes with the BC renewals. Or ground -- Tomatoes eggs and could slow enough is a chicken fried Trout a pesto chicken fraternal actually has been on for awhile and economic keeper brought yes things are seasonality of it was really good staff and a man you have like a check him the seasonality prepped on that changes constantly as well never was gonna help her you know that's a constant rain today so is Ernie cruncher anything new and brunch reduce Saturdays and Sundays at opens at ten feet and a little earlier than the rest of the week run sold three we ever Chile Chile's you know that's pretty much the number one seller and spinach eggs and bacon terrorists on and so business and he -- his team of former senator let's get to shut related team we got man he's got a message says he's got my back and -- Gavin chorus is going to be our general manager and wondering team three of us were really lovely and it. He plays straight on the deck and coast anyway they're Nomar and I am able congratulations with your success with the company and thanks for doing this and thanks for having an apparent adamant that your deal executive chef. At prep kitchen in Del Mar can not check displays so that's great place for milk amazing food shows got you back stellar sort check out podcasts KS ON dot com and click on with the play it.