Lick The Plate - Prep Kitchen - Seg. #4

Thursday, July 28th

Lick The Plate - Prepkitchen in Del Mar


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They hit San Diego food is that click the play on KSO and got you by stellar so most physically and in this week and hanging in Del -- with Jordan deal is the executive -- -- kitchen looking back Jordan hasn't done yesterday on this Father's Day so they were gonna have a pork belly -- so we seasons and pork belly grossed out nice and slow and low then actually can be with the old fashioned place so elections when they're cocktails have found a way to incorporate advances include interest to make my source an -- that pork belly and some -- plants on there charred ten minus for the paramilitary on almost like ranch dressing all with some fresh series in Massachusetts town like that the series to get dear old fashioned -- let's talk through ten bucks in your pocket what he would not go over Iraqi is found on handers partner and on don't know Vick I would probably go to -- -- and big fresh fish. And given Mexican -- components as you go to. Mexican joins Escambia and Escondido the lord says dashing and guess I had an annual home along you know I know then there's they've the chickens who put their that's exactly what I do every time I know that's like a whole family so it has broken less personal Mark Taylor over here and they could get one of those in imperative that we. Right less upper west owners Sterger me dessert first I'm gonna go the bone marrow from what's in Littleton and grant fell in love with her somehow and Texas and speculate utterance OC like meat and necessary equipment definitely at your main camp like Iraqis yeah I think it's and keep it simple you know instead of and somehow makes him happy that's in the last yeah we fail bank and dessert and disaster is actually answer the my neighbors. She called it death by chocolate and it's basically a bunch of stuff thrown together and we gonna shatter your neighbor there Mrs. Brown had him Livermore to. If it's some. This is grounds death by chocolate protect Lebanon are were back tomorrow gonna tech and a walk us through the menu pet pigeon absolutely all right back to reveal executive chef at her kitchen in no marshals documents don't you sort check out podcast KS ON dot com and click on with the plate.