Lick The Plate - Prep Kitchen - Seg. #2

Tuesday, July 26th

Lick The Plate - Prepkitchen in Del Mar


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They had San Diego food is that the league the players and soap and accused by stellar solar and was physically and in this week and hanging in Del Mar with Jordan feeling easy executive chef. Kitchen there what about Jordan thanks happening M blitzer just today on the street sense so today we're gonna have our recent chart octopus to talk to us we took it. And I am a port we on just a mere one point one drop essentially in his Sloan though for a couple hours after that which are hot and hot oil little bit recent days got a little dedicate to a not too much when you turn off though circled it and Chiquita cure ailments like on the style tossed notre love to say herb and spice periods until her great looks at so we left off yesterday CIA had heard. The Southern California or toys that are that beautiful country always so it to your program. It's a cure for your brother and I went differences in its. Yet some fun there I mean I was curious on your surrounded by everyone is like minded yeah areas except coach Paul and it's. Vehicles are there girls area right there and that's an awesome so where you land out of schools afterschool actually I am went back to the Bay Area that's actually worked with the need for time worked after a couple months I didn't expect and then after that I came back to San Diego and back to hometown and I actually server and I was titled first real job longtime homeowners old news the company I'm with some answers then you're. Who was there for about a year and a half two years before hurricane season look at the entity location in that first opened up arms and moved around in fact it was a little Italy in town. Hey you know marks a significant. Have any influence others it was great and it's been shaped head coach that's ever served in a number of grapes have so under. Ryan Johnson noted that this happened the company usually I've learned a lot from him as well everyone else in between him. Her character sells a great leaders and management end and it's just it's expert from new report and I were back tomorrow thirty deal that the theft from a fifteen. What can best sellers lists in the podcast KS ON dot com and click on with the play it.