Lick The Plate - BFD - Seg. #5

Friday, July 15th

Lick The Plate - Big Front Door in North Park


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AA San Diego duties as slick play on KS ON brought you by stellar solar and host David bush and in this we can hang in when she ran the owner of big front door in north park opening soon in bankers so welcome back keep. Thanks for do in this thank you for having me we should give a shout out to the rock and roll happy hour happening right now has has over there are people that don't know the front door PST what is it. We are modern -- kind of -- -- we smoke rose -- Armey and house when -- -- sides sauces -- pretty much everything from scratch -- you know kind of like that -- old -- -- background can squeeze everything what is it like to dance around the world and regions the -- ahead at a California to Austin -- under its list you know somethings aren't always -- the twister knocked and again I just trying to keep -- I'd like to -- in line with how we eat bad around here and you can -- when we have retail and wind -- in new -- have onsite at -- come -- a lot of West Coast craft -- I have sprouts -- or they have a very fair representation San Diego throughout Britain to duplicate thread -- a final out of Colorado northern Californians and works in Washington items -- -- -- silence. They go yeah I do a lot of bottled -- we -- -- iced -- and you know we've fallen -- a lot of salads and a lot of you know as mentioned don't have a friar trailer it's really come can fall into the healthy grid style of eating the cookies at the Yankees in yeah. They have quite a following the hearing area and these backers self worth and home it'll be in wonderful architect named Lloyd Russell has been building look at what you expected. The next several months before the end of the year definitely right on and you wanna check in the FD San Diego got counsell handles well. And listen are you were local shall yet listen Sunday night mind for a nine week to the local mind when I'm contend the midnight nice thanks Ian for goodness thank you I'll be back the sandwiches as a bunch more anybody's. Donna and mainly she Riley's you corner of the front door in North America an opening soon in banker's hill checkout the podcast KS ON dot com and click on the plate.