Lick The Plate - BFD - Seg. #4

Thursday, July 14th

Lick The Plate - Big Front Door in North Park


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Hey hey San Diego food seasons with the play on KS ON brought you by stellar solar analyst David went and in this we can hang in when she ran a former of their front door in North American opening soon in bankers still connect cheap as there and like to take notes on this one especially from the owners and chefs to them and who are you guys are eaten let's start with ten bucks your market. I mean there had not to be for some Nara or you know what I need a system open on the day. Yeah he's going to the bar opponents and have a drink there. Yeah definitely gonna take the train trip down this week very goto big. Blue point downtown and my wife and I want our first day there sixteen years ago we've always kind of passed through whenever it's always been consistent as same server that we six times ago it's still there and insist that classic plays and carried Mexican debt balances that's again one of our go to his disease and yet some assuming it's like how are heavily that sometimes sometimes it's consistent decent food great margaritas Chris Miles it's just in the spot rate system with the played his or something your treatment and a regular basis straight. Pizza yeah hated him. Any particular slicing. You know Crocs is on the way home and it Europe last soccer star remain as their last sucker. My starter would be the bacon wrapped constitute the saudis was so obvious stuff coaches and us also yeah you know just one of those cases as there I mean it's going to be a burger from Kensington Guerrero doesn't exist anymore and it actually depicting you can't get back at it. And definitely enhanced. You know be depending on the season it in my grandmother's funeral this time you're bigger prize. Now as written and Activision. Pick induced various. Neighbors can do or we get the winner to cookies. You know and it and gets a good kick is I've learned from the vast a good segue into tomorrow we're gonna talk all about the menu at the front door in north berth with owner sheep Riley chose but you bestowed sort check out the podcasting KS ON dot com and click on the play.