Lick The Plate - BFD - Seg. #3

Wednesday, July 13th

Lick The Plate - Big Front Door in North Park


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AA San Diego for Moody's it's like to play on KSO and brought you by stellar solar analyst David Glenn and in this we can't hang him when she Riley he's the owner of big front door in north park and opening soon in bankers still welcome back keep him there were talk and music today near music any of the show and art and music guy I had so curious what your first concert was first concert it was Tom Petty and the heart and so Lenny Kravitz opening growing up East Coast memorable shows and you toured with fish and lots of fish and lots. Everything we had this like punk rock club in Trenton, New Jersey told city gardens I was lucky enough to see so much music there from the Ramones -- -- her father primus do you light withdrew its account. Notice it was kind of between York and Philadelphia all the between CB TVs and the truck rodeo in Philly pit stop it city miracle you know it's just you know all ages in the box next do you Lleyton George Clinton is hoping it was blue collar that there and yeah I was you know the great tour they also you know a couple other people and players and just raw music came out was there was nothing but. The music this is going to be interesting your dream -- Atlanta three events went stay on man whose organs someone that I did not get to see that recently passed Wednesday Boeing says okay definite there they're being written Matta kind of drummer trained to jazz many years but bass player wise catching -- the story just an anti vote whether or not there and being it also child of the ninety's in the East Coast New York hip hop with a huge influence as well they'll put The Beastie Boys on there today and I think that's the first mention of weather report that title Alastair once a quarter marketers of and reverend getting there's going to be a yeah I mean just the and that's kind of that jazz fusion there again impediments to the the ninety's had a lot of New York was especially diversity for its grand influences that time to see all of everything so. Began rapid appear to like music don't they obviously Rebecca thing you know we like to teeter around town take up podcasting KSO NN dot com then click on the the plate.