Lick The Plate - BFD - Seg. #2

Tuesday, July 12th

Lick The Plate - Big Front Door in North Park


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AA San Diego food Jesus let the play OK SOM brought to you by stellar solar and host David Glenn and in this week and hang him cheap right easy owner of the front door in North American opening student bankers so welcome back chiefs -- there should also mention you do something and then you Fernandez yes I do it some nights we do the local mine for nine state Dan burrows we got pat there are so yeah we feature local music read a lot of sandwiches so I think that's the stuff all right so we left off yesterday grown up in Jersey can take me the road from there to opening this restaurant. Well I am kind of the kid in the industry I wouldn't say I started out I was actually had a really upscale college that had a hole to first cafeteria and got trained in all areas and it was kind of worldly event after quick stint there when -- case that he is -- this tour finished event fist the band yet so that the Catholic but they're your case it is and you have Anderson had a VW bus doesn't six and a couple of Coleman's those and we picked up our supplies along the way sell everything we have every night and you know is pretty simple thing it is it is amnesia obesity on the East Coast was not a terribly familiar items today. Is this school is a fun summer and this is like a back amount I was lucky enough to get kind of an upscale fine dining with a group that had just moved to Arizona California so I was in a restaurant jump forward a little bit like 2000 and moved to San Diego I was lucky enough to jump right in with Deborah Scott McClellan Rasner threw the that was a great time to do that I opened an indigo grill with the where there's been a really great experience there kind of bounce around worked for three people are gonna continue on and it landed at Kensington grill which really got me in the neighborhood ran ahead. Opened fire house in the middle there tell. If they have been open for years now and it's congratulations thank program hats production music Tamara and I know that's going to be to put that dream has a lot of it's a tough client and back tomorrow she perennial owner confronts north north park. Hoping soon bankers doses by Cuba stellar solar checkout the podcast KS ONN dot com and click on with the play it.