Lick The Plate - BFD - Seg. #1

Monday, July 11th

Lick The Plate - Big Front Door in North Park


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AA San Diego for Moody's it's like to play on KSO and brought you by stellar solar and host David Whelan in this weekend hanging when she rightly he's the owner of big front door in North American opening soon in banker's hill what the sheep there a really enjoyed the sandwich is the other night thank you Graham both were monsters. You know clippers do we make them substantial pay thousands and balance who cannot agree to grant rather bay of the space do we share a hometown comment. Yes that's -- he grew up there -- so -- about four at that -- parents in the automotive -- -- that he was actually work in Manhattan so in the New -- -- -- -- go for the -- -- -- what was going on food place in your -- the central Jersey need a lot of Italian -- for the equivalent of the taco -- in San Diego we had pizza -- so did jerseys cheese -- -- like he sees something and -- this establish it's still pretty much that camera also style -- -- I wanna say it was like the white American -- there was -- is there anything against Philly -- pretty straightforward it's -- pretty damn good -- and I think that's a huge amount -- any special is you -- my momma needs some -- I was -- the five I don't know I kind of -- in the -- -- that will be spending for myself -- appointment cover my grandmother on my father's -- was like mid west -- -- coats everything used everything cookies with chicken -- So did you read the words that haven't -- -- Lincoln and restaurants in New -- you know you know I won't say. At that point in my life I was tied into the restaurants added and it definitely got to see some components to see was business entertaining and all that but New York I think the two dollar falafel on the obviously pizza pizza pizza and a quick turn you stand your ground and all that stuff all right we're back tomorrow because you get an interest in road that too cute to opening the FD here in San Diego gas cheaper and easier owner of different story and are hurt and opening suit and bankers bill -- the podcast KSO NN dot com. Then click on the play it.