Lick The Plate - Carnitas' Snack Shack - Seg. #5

Friday, July 8th


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Hey hey San Diego from these it's with a play on KSO and got you by stellar solar and host David women in this week and hanging with harness company's founder of the journey to snack shack in north park Del Mar and know at the American Darryl welcome back hottest thing you have merit bank you get this new places so we're gonna talk about today it's even opened six we. So past six weeks we actually have the differences we have a full liquor license to Honolulu where ever ruinous bar this kind of win win because in the day you can stare out at those beautiful boats to right on the water than a night you're turnaround you look at our skyline of downtown which is similar in Europe and to learn that all outdoors I don't like the north park all the kitchen is inside all the seating lives outside Phoenix some covered some not. Do we just talking about this you can take a train from anywhere and Antonio to sentence is on a -- and it's quick walk area so about five minutes that's -- five minutes you can go down on 5 o'clock train and then they've got a 9 -- coming -- make an evening. You know because after you -- you can walk around and look at the globe isn't there such a dinner and a show menus and the same it's a few. His toughest act now and he's -- were they did to San Diego and we're really truly -- -- with a cruise ships -- so they wanna eat some different you know all -- -- food is great you know fish -- kind of what risks and -- was known for -- and we try to do well you delegate Nixon tourists and locals. Locals are really great for happy -- that we have trying to stay open a little bit later down ma'am I don't read and that they can sit -- have a drink enough bite to -- at ten and I congratulations and -- success north America's original yes Spaniard -- -- I'm -- lines and no number -- -- right down Broadway and harbor -- Tony and your futures -- doing -- -- I'm trying to see -- -- stuff myself between the very right now. And on and thanks for doing this. You had with UNESCO and founder of the Pyrenees next check north park Del Mar note at the imperfect arrow shows but give us dollar solar checkout the podcast insulin dot com then click on with the plate.