Lick The Plate - Carnitas' Snack Shack - Seg. #3

Wednesday, July 6th


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Hey hey San Diego through recently that play on OK SO in front you buy stellar solar endless David Newhan in this who can hang in with an honest comment he's the founder of the parity this snack shack in north park Del Mar and go at the end market Darrow welcome back on us thank you remember about parents before we get into the music let's talk about addition that in today's disk to the day is struggle made the most of it and then there's a steak salad so far we use a revised. I don't know how I knew Jack maneuvers Iran knows some of polio it's got a little cute but the need and the thickness of the bread thin rings and all we hear that she's what one of those great now arrived back at it. Let's suck music where's your first desert Bruce concert was like SO sports are you OK so who had a there was to pass smoke. Nice. Stuff coming in put on my line I. Two at length to see. Anybody open I don't remember that I've probably didn't get down time here at ten personal item on the semi. But at this. I memorable shows grown up around here anything stick out the united I definitely saw a lot going newborn and a look at the non and I remember seeing in the beliefs and forget it might have been Gregory eyes it sort of somebody you know is a really big and out at that has stepped up their rhetoric heard this segment as you were a producer for the -- and stayed -- three bands on who's going to be the three will be again or you're going to go as I tell my grown up day and it will probably Bob Marley and if only because he keeps me senator okay and then the third party in -- bam. Where I guess my evolving isn't about five finger death punch a little more aggressive and I think that accuse me motivated any get up in years I need a little help. Adding to check the oil very conduct music though they were back tomorrow and take notes because we find out where harness haven't likes to eat around town he's the founder of the Pyrenees next second north per film are now at the end market Garros shows but you've got stellar solar checkout the podcast at TS and dot com and click on with the play to.