Employment After Deployment - William is Hired!

Thursday, June 30th


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By far our favorite thing to do is about to happen I'm John 10 in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KS ON or we're about to hear about a success story in John's Jamie's employment effort employment. William hunt was one of our employment after deployment candidates and bill let's go and got a job with united security services. Built in. This is the best call that we can get especially as we get closer to the fourth of July and celebrating America celebrating our American heroes and defend our country and just wanted to be put to work when they get out into the civilian world. Well thank you very much appreciate it felt like appreciate. One before things done. And Billy you parity that there are far weaker so tell judge -- how to defend being back can't Wear 'cause FPL are built great I feel great elevation and the Iowa bad I've been. Idol behind the scenes for your bill producers Jeff was kind irked that you didn't call us first he's been at war pearl going. Like you do want a job and more importantly called a couple of clowns producers stuff. I hit. There's the Miller really happy for you think you for checking in with us thank you for your service to America and we are sold thrilled to have a little part of the fact. That you got this job with John doing his employment after deployment NASA name of the game good for you put regular English but I don't have the fourth of July and the man I don't think graduation sunny thanks. Again great story from bill. Not so great of a story there's still plenty of men and women who. And served America fought for our country who are just trying to get the so if you're in that position to be able to hire or know someone who can only have to do is go to kiss when dot com. Click on Jon and Tammy and then employment after the plane Johnson is employment after deployments being brought to a point woman as a green university and against KS ON.