High 5,000 Hometown Hero Tour with WWII and Vietnam Veterans

Tuesday, June 21st


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And Tammy. I have 5000. Hometown hero tool from members of the military the flyers play. What I thought how cool 5000. Yesterday was a treat to get closer and closer to 5000 we got to hang out with some of the heroes a Kenyan village retirement. No call on you that you have the numbers tell them where up to 3490. Were almost at 3500 a beautiful. We were told that we're gonna meet some World War II veterans were like of course we're going to meet in World War II veterans. We'll see little lovely bedroom veteran of the Vietnam War. And we're gonna here from Rosie. Hit it here as well bill Lloyd. Can you go ahead and tell me your name and when you served I'm racking you know organizations and 97 seem easy world aren't true anywhere you originally from rocky. Connecticut Shelton and how do you like living in San Diego and down my. Love it doesn't matter of choice and I. Even when it's this war like today I. I'm Rick I don't mind need I moved 3000 miners looking forward all right we found he promised today I've found and I love it all right eyelids feel. Humphries looks and I hi five even thank you for your service car we had been hired by a lot Iraqi. You know. The funny thing I never knew him then but they came from the same place he did. And I when you're seeing these same way he did our first of all how are this is your name. I'm bill LE RRA theater as served together you know I don't know I didn't elements at time I'll have a good news later on but later and you found out that you came from the same place in the end. How did you get into the CB's they drafted me how. And I am just try and now now now. Only did you guys find out when you realize that you came from the same plays did you start talk about all of these union together and came here eighties where we met and over again why. And that's so crazy I know are so many years when I had frank Harrington and iPad. Here absolutely not how hard it down for a minute how are you done that morning were you originally from street originally from Wisconsin but. Anywhere in Wisconsin. Across. I lived there all year so I don't remember a whole lot of the parades. Now I was born in start up OK and I went you ungrateful and everything and across the work from the exact same area. Okay you're learning I imagine you remember it very. Well something that is everything. I'm done I'm tell us about your time in the series. I was in the infantry and I was drafted. I was sent to Europe and I was a POW thing here. Alone how long are you POW hopefully we'll though the votes under the you know war well. All of us like six points yeah wow what an experience here is not a happy when little or none at all. Either I didn't create list yeah that's right then after that I I think you very much for your service they didn't thank you have a. Thank you John when you. And I'll let you know you can. Oh thank you. Hillis your name young lady and I love that the only part I'm Rosie for her fund day Rosie. Looks to be thought have perfect vision but. Didn't prove so because I walked in she says you're cute. I standby it any. I'm sure you from I'm from mild to replace these above plus Philadelphia Redding Pennsylvania okay. They were high fighting you as well today EU better okay Camilo five. I mean you're right there. Well how can you tell us how you served as. I was a navy nurse during the Vietnam War but we thank you for your service and we're going to be giving you a certificate or super excited we should. Foley and looking forward to it thank you so much you're very welcome thank you. Don't know Rosie and Rosie you're just asking a question about John Lewis back. I was wondering if he's married I'm. But it really doesn't make any difference to me I just wanna fool around with the yeah at the end. I can't believe how much she's blushing even when all at hand. He's alright with me up like to see with a shirt a blue ball. You just made his day. He made nine and so they can. All day heroes. Rosie and I swear this is true. Then told me her room number again. Is adorable and said I'll leave the light on for you. I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Singer and bigger they are hungry it was so wonderful. Remember if you'd like this high fives and here pros. We've loved you to contact us we'll see what we can do about getting out there and international media respected user.