High 5000: San Diego Enforcers Football Team

Thursday, June 16th


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Here's another update from Jenin Tammy news. High of 5000. Hometown hero door. All right red numbers we gave away number 349091. And 92. Out. Always good to welcome our friends is Daniel enforcers back into the studio. The most successful and the best amateur football team in America correct appreciate that John thank you. I haven't lesson I would say I'd say it's correct anything wrong about that statement and its own daughter percent accurate John O'Neil Michelle I get things wrong all the time it's nice to her it's yes and do you recommend it if if it usually with us. All right we got to our head coach here Bryant's moment. I coach and accuracy again these guys. We got Mitch Furman the Hollywood fire department. I'm Hillary and image which would you play the offensive line now he can tell. But on the that means if you're in shape up the events that. You know and stuff so we were joking earlier the you have three tool players and that is our five tool it's a liner and I play all the spots like her and I Kevin Alston called a a tool and not run fine until you ask him if it is just don't want to just take us on. I do your job try to now. Yet they got it right there and it we have now so I'm back from San Diego PD practice again. Gentlemen thank you for your service accretion keep us safe Osama big game come up this weekend. All right so we get the 2016. National championship game here in San Diego pass against our hands are heated rivals LAPD on this is that this is that 13 Nash championship game in a row for us because he's doing all the guys I understand you as a edit there that was injured look back last summer is that when your games haven't I'll read it Kurt Kurt he's making a great recovery just just so thankful this support the community. And everybody gave to two Kuerten his family is making a full recovery he's he's in you know he's doing rehab he's moving he's walking around he's been in our games so. It's incredible power everything as it is awesome cool scary moment for awhile. Alba also shows there's a real hustle ball is is not a hero has gone out there and played flag football you're playing real football it's definitely you know a 100% full contact big guys as you can see you know. Maine an all out there to just in case someone new who showed in the San Diego tell everybody what's and you of course is football's all about so what we are is where it were a nonprofit football team comprised of public safety officials have. Police officers firefighters military. And we play as part of a national league of other public safety teams. Played cherry football games throughout the country and in order to raise money for various charities to great organization we're proud to be affiliated with that there we are absolutely all right so I wanna lets you wanna go to this game tells how we can go about doing this Saturday cathedral Catholic high school. Kickoff at 2 o'clock 5555. Del Mar heights road cathedral Catholic Sani oh enforcers LAPD centurion since the future to get be great to get coaches take a when he thinks about the upcoming game and my coach after coach can gradualism the great season by the way before again. It's been an amazing scene for us in fact the toughest schedule number and in PS FL really yes we've played Charlotte last year's champion. New York PD and of course we played LAPD. Earlier in the season it's been a tough schedule undefeated another undefeated season for us. Proud of the guys that commitment level that these guys do their schedules challenging for us to get everybody to practice it is a rivalry and LAPD is our biggest rival so we're really excited about the game isn't going to be great this. The weekend cathedral high school. Coach thank you for your service guys thank you for what you do for us keep us safe and to keep San Diego frogs will be a great game this weekend against the LA PDI's best of luck stay healthy OK we also have a brand new high five that we need to do. Because we aren't hi five G yet. Thank you come home so it's just say that's a tough time by the government while. Michelle that blood and my shoulder was dislocated middle take care that every every. All right guys thank you very much good luck competitor today.