Haunted hotel Tickets

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Plunge into the depths of horror at The Haunted Hotel on the ALL NEW Hellevator, The Mutant Mine Shaft is shaking and collapsing all around you, “Where are the clowns?”… in The Morgue Autopsy Lab? Chaos Hallway? It’s a SURPRISE!

Stroll down the dark, deadly Zombie infested alley, and drudge thru the muck and mire of the “WRONG TURN” Hillbilly Swamp , OH HELL NO! They brought back, “Lights Out” Wednesdays!!!  Good luck finding your way through the ENTIRE haunt in the dark each Wednesday with a free glow stick as your only comfort.

Recently ranked #1 Scariest Haunt in America,

The Haunted Hotel downtown is offering a HALF PRICE “Sneak Preview Weekend”, on Friday September 21st AND Saturday September 22nd

Details and tickets at hauntedhotel.com, that’s hauntedhotel.com

The Haunted Hotel, where you can smell the fear!

3 hour parking for only FIVE DOLLARS at Gaslamp City Square Garage, reserve through hauntedhotel.com