Living Better San Diego


Promises2Kids is creating a brighter future for foster children in San Diego County. They do this by offering them the tools and guidance they need to grow into healthy and successful adults. On the show today is Promises2Kids CEO, Tonya Torosian and Promises2Kids Guardian Scholar, Irma Barajas...
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Kitchens For Good

Kitchens for Good is dedicated to breaking the cycles of food waste, hunger and poverty. They do this through their various innovative programs that help their students transform their lives from one of addiction, incarceration, homelessness and unemployment. On the show today is Kitchens for Good...
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Home Start

Home Start is dedicated to ending child abuse. Their vision is for every child to have a safe, stable and nuturing home. On the show today is Home Start CEO, Laura Tancredi-Baese and Home Start Maternity Housing Peer Counselor, Jessica Hamilton. Visit Home Start for more info. LBISD_HomeStart.mp3
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Noah Homes

Noah Homes has become a model of best practices for supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. On the show today is Noah Homes CEO, Molly Nocon. Visit Noah Homes for more info. LBISD_NoahHomes.mp3
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Kennedy's Meat Company

Kennedy's Meat Company in Escondido is a local business that cares about its community. Giving back to the community and helping people wherevever and whenever they can is a core value of theirs. On the show today is Kennedy's Meat Company Co-owners Mark Soto Mendoza and John Mayberry. Visit...
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