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5 Emerging Country Songs You Need To Hear

If you're a fan of everything country music, take some time to listen to these rising tracks for the emerging artists below.
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One Second Cinema - August 14th, 2018

Can you guess what movie is part of today's One Second Cinema with just hearing one second of this movie clip? Play along below:
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Life Lessons with Liam: Liam Had A Garage Sale!

Liam, Tammy's Grandson starts us off with a joke and then tells us all about his garage sale and these amazing $30 gold keychains he wanted to sell to Tammy! Listen to the adorable conversation below:
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - August 14th, 2018

1) Happy Birthday Mila Kunis. She turns 43 today. She starred in a movie that told the story of Moms trying to do it all.... and failing....was the movie Bad Moms, bad Mammas or bad mother’s? 2) Nicole Kidman posted a picture of her husband who was recording his banjo playing in the bathroom! Who...
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Tammy Calls John While He's On Vacation To Tell Him About Her Massage!

Tammy gives John a call while he is on vacation to let him know about all the fun and relaxing she has Producer Jessica get to do while he is gone! Hear what he thinks about it all below:
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When John's On Vacation, Tammy and Producer Jessica Get Massages In Studio!

John can't be the only one who gets to relax! John is on vacation so Tammy and Producer Jessica got chair massages in the studio from Tracie Renee with Pro Seated ! Listen below to hear all about the massages!
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