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What Did You Have to Do Because of a Bet?

Post Malone had to get a tattoo because he lost a beer pong bet! What did you have to do because you lost a bet?
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darius rucker

What Celebrity Breakup Broke Your Heart?

It seems like celebrity couple are breaking up left and right! From Darius Rucker to Kelly Clarkson to Carly Pearce, COVID is taking it's tool on these relationships. But why does it hurt so much when they breakup? What celebrity couple breakup devastated you?​
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man bun

Is The Man Bun Making a Comeback?

Salons are closing again which means hair is getting even longer! Does this mean the return on the man bun? Thomas Rhett is starting to sport one!
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Julia's Movie Reviews: Andy Samberg in Palm Springs!

John's daughter Julia is back with another moview review... but is it fair one considering how big of a Adam Sandler fan she is?
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Neighbor Gary Has Even MORE COVID-19 Memes

Things are closing again as this pandemic is nowhere near gone, but at least we have Neighbor Gary with some levity and more COVID memes!!!!
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will smith

Jada Pinkett Smith's "Entanglement"

Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith had a conversation on her "Red Table Talks" about their relationship break and who she spent time with during it. But how she described the relationship was a new one to us.... "Entanglement"! The conversation also inspired a new hit song!
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Beat That LAME Weekend!

Was your quarantine weekend lame? You're not alone! While we are all dealing with a pandemic, our weekends are a little different than they once were. Who had the lamest weekend?
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What Do You Call a Male Karen?

Another day, another Karen video! But today we also have a male Karen! We think Carl is fitting for this guy....
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Do You Miss Your Co-Workers?

A new survey found that less than 1% of people miss their co-workers and we were shocked because we miss ours! Why do you not miss your co-workers?
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Our Co-Worker's COVID Survival Story

Think coronavirus only really affects the elderly? Our 26-year-old co-worker Will thought the virus was going to kill him! He shared his story with us this morning:
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