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Throwback Live At 8:25 - July 11, 2019

Every day at 8:25am Tammy will throw it back with 5 pop culture pieces of audio that she will play for John and Jessica and they will battle it out between the two of them! This week, Producer Jessica is on vacation so Associate Producer Tonya gets to fill in for her! Who will WIN Throwback Live at...
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Does Swimming In A Pool Count As A Shower?

It all started with a tweet that read, "Does swimming count as a bath? Asking for a friend...". So the conversation started! John and Tammy asked this question and the responses were interesting. What do you think? Does going for a swim count as a bath or shower? Listen below:
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Tammy's Husband Kurt Is Dr. Dolittle!

Yesterday, Tammy's husband Kurt found a baby hummingbird flying around in their home. He ended up capturing it and tried to let it go outside but it just stayed and Kurt was even able to PET the hummingbird! So sweet! Listen below to hear all about Kurt who apparently is ALSO Dr. Doolittle!
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 11, 2019

1) Olivia Newton-John is selling off clothes from "Grease" and some of her other movies for cancer research. What was her character's name in Grease? 2) The Internet learned this week that the “nodding meme guy” many believed to be one of the stars of the movie “The Hangover” star is actually...
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Real or Fake News - July 11, 2019

Can you spot the real news story among the fake news?
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