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Would You Be Mad If Someone Watched The Game of Thrones Finale With You And Talked The Entire Time?

The series finale of Game of Thrones was last night. So many people tuned in to watch including our weekend warrior Mark and his wife Colleen. They have been fans for years! Tammy went over to their place to also watch...one problem though...she's NEVER seen an episode and asked questions the...
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 20, 2019

1) Kelly Osbourne is celebrating two years sober! Kelly is Ozzy Osbourne's daughter and raised to fame through her family's MTV reality show called....? 2) Last night was the Series Finale of Game of Thrones...while Thursday was the Series Finale of TV's #1 comedy, The Big Bang Theory" In the last...
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John and Tammy Announce The FULL Lineup For KSON's Countryfest 2019!

The FULL lineup is here! John and Tammy announced the rest of the artists that will be playing at KSON's Countryfest 2019 on July 13th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds! We already know Randy Houser and Rodney Atkins are headlining Countryfest 2019 but who else will be joining us? Listen below to hear...
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John Interviews Suspect #3 For The Love Note Left On His Car!

And the love note mystery continues... Last week John found an anonymous note left on his car that said "You're cute! xoxo!". John thinks someone is messing with him and he doesn't know who it is. We WILL get to the bottom of this! He's interviewed to co-workers and it wasn't them. Was it our...
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Hip Hop or Hillbilly- May 20, 2019

John and Tammy didn't know Associate Producer Tonya had a rapper alter ego named, Mystical Tearz and every Monday she'll be on with John and Tammy to rap for a game called, Hip Hop or Hillbilly! Mystical Tearz will rap the lyrics of 3 songs and a listener on the phone will have to guess if the song...
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Tammy Watches 'The Big Bang Theory' Series Finale With Her Family

Last Thursday was 'The Big Bang Theory' series finale and Tammy and her family had the chance to watch it together this weekend. Did she love it? Did she hate it? Did she cry? Listen below to hear how it went for her!
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Travis Tritt

Travis Tritt Involved in Fatal Wrong Way Collision

Travis Tritt has reported that he and his bus were involved in a fatal car accident early Saturday morning (May 18th).
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