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How Well Do John and Tammy Know Each Other?

John and Tammy celebrated 20 years together on Friday, but just how well do they know each other? Producer Jessica gave them a little test to see how much they know.
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Julia's Movie Reviews: It's a Disney Day!

In honor of Disneyland's 65th anniversary, John's daughter Julia watched a couple of classic Disney movies this week!
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Two Dudes Talking About The Bachelor: Brad Womack's Two Seasons!

Last night on "The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - EVER!' we met the man that got to be the Bachelor not just once, but TWICE! John has one question: why???
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phone battery

Tammy's Phone Battery Anxiety!

Tammy has a problem with her cell phone, it gives her anxiety! Are you the type of person that can't have their phone on a low battery?
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How Has Your Family Bonded During Quarantine?

Board games, play time, cooking, all these are things are suddenly using to bond during the quarantine. How has your family bonded during all this time together?
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restaurant tip

Why Did This Restaurant Get a $1,000 Tip?

The staff at The Starving Artist in New Jersey were shocked when they realized that a customer had left a $1,000 tip. Why did the customer leave it? We talked to the owner Arnold about the story this morning!
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jt anniversary

How Many Times Did Producer Jessica Make John and Tammy Cry?

Producer Jessica promised she would make both John and Tammy cry during their 20th anniversary Facebook Live broadcast and boy did she deliver!
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How You Can Help Feed Hungry San Diegans This Summer!

There are many San Diegans that have suddenly found themselves in need of help just to feed themselves because of the pandemic. We challenged our listeners to help us collect 20,000 meals for the San Diego Food Bank and there is still time to donate!
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Neighbor Gary Reads COVID-19 Memes - July 20, 2020

Neighbor Gary is back with more COVID memes and this time he brought his own sound effects!
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Lee Brice's Surprise Anniversary Call!

Lee Brice was one of the first artists John and Tammy got to be good friend's with after he wrote a song inspired by Tammy's son Grayson's love for pizza!
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