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Eric Church performs during Pepsi's Rock The South Festival in 2018

Eric Church Surprises Fans Before Hometown Concert

The country star also extended his tour into the fall
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'Boots & Bowties' A Fundraiser For Chelsea's Voice This Friday!

John and Tammy's friend Velera has started a foundation called Chelsea's Voice and she is organizing a fundraiser to raise money to help enhance quality of life of those with disabilities of all ages and their caretakers. The fundraiser, "Boots & Bowties" is happening this Friday, March 23rd...
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Throwback Live At 8:25 - March 20th, 2019

Every day at 8:25am Tammy will throw it back with 5 pop culture pieces of audio that she will play for John and Jessica and they will battle it out between the two of them! Who will WIN Throwback Live at 8:25a? Listen below and play along!
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Myspace Deletes 12 Years Of Data But John and Tammy Find Their Pages!

Myspace announced that 12 years of music and other content has been lost which made John and Tammy check and see if their pages were active and they are! What a time! Remember Myspace? Do you remember posting anything embarassing? Listen below to hear some stories:
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - March 20th, 2019

1) Wendy Williams opened up about a secret personal battle during an emotional segment on her talk show Monday. The host revealed that she has been living in a sober house and said she wanted viewers to know her story. What is the name of her show? 2) Every office in town is being overtaken by...
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Are You A March Madness Widow?

The term March Madness Widow is popular because many people "lose" their loved ones during the march madness tournament. John went around the office to hear some people's stories. One woman says her boyfriend disapears every year in March so this is when she becomes single! Listen below:
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Producer Jessica Spent 2 1/2 Hours At The Social Security Office And It's All Her Mom's Fault!

Producer Jessica has had a mountain of mail sitting at home called "Mount Mail" and she finally went through it to find her baby's sociual security card and COULDN'T FIND IT. She lost it. So off to the social security office she goes...she took the baby with her and didn't realize it would be worse...
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Who's Younger?

John and Tammy decided to have some fun while giving away Chris Young tickets this morning with a new name called, "Who's Younger?"! For example who's younger? Wendy Williams or Wendy's the fast food restaurant? Play along for fun below:
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Stranger Things 3

SCREENSHOTS: The 'Stranger Things 3' Trailer Is Here With Mall Madness and a New Monster

"We're not kids anymore"
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First Trailer For Stranger Things Season 3 Released!

July 4th can't get here fast enough!!!
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