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Are Costco Sheet Cakes Coming Back?

There was a small glimmer of hope for Costco cake fans this week when it was rumored that the sheet cake was coming back. So are they? Producer Jessica's mom is VERY interested in the outcome of the Costco cakes!
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Taylor Swift Break in

John's Daughter's Review the New Taylor Swift Album!

Taylor Swift dropped a surprise new album last night and John's two daughters (certified Swifties) stayed up late to give us their review!
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comic con panel

Favorite Comic-Con Memories!

San Diego should have been full of the biggest stars and hundreds of thousands of fans at Comic-Con. Instead, we are celebrating Comic-Con @ Home and remembering our favorite moments from year's past. Turns out, without this even Producer Jessica would still be a single woman!
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Comic Con

Is It a Real or Fake Comic-Con@Home Panel?

Comic-Con was supposed to be this week but... ya know.... 2020 happened. So instead, Comic-Con is throwing " Comic-Con@Home " full of panels just like you would see at the actual thing. John has a list of some of those panels and our buddy Ross from The Op is going to guess if it's a real or fake...
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Do Pickles Make Light Beer Taste Better?

People on Twitter are claiming that pickles make light beer taste better.... but does it?
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Tony Gwynn Jr. Talks Baseball and Real Housewives!

Baseball is back and no one could be more excited than John, but Producer Jessica is already bored by talking sports. So when we had Tony Gwynn Jr. on this morning to talk opening day, she had a few questions of her own to ask!
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Vicki Barbolak is Performing in an Alley!

What do you do when your big tour and Las Vegas residency are put on hold? If you're Vicki Barbolak you perform in an alley in La Jolla!
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Parmalee On The Drive-In Show with Blake Shelton

Parmalee is opening for Blake Shelton this weekend during his drive-in show and we talked to lead singer Matt Thomas about preparing for the big show. Plus, how is he keeping fit while in lockdown?
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road trip

Are You Going On A Summer Vacation?

This is the time of year millions of Americans would be headed out to enjoy a summer vacation but this year is obviously different. How are you taking a vacation during the pandemic? Have you canceled it all together?
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Happy Birthday Alex Trebek!

Jeopardy's Alex Trebek celebrates his 80th birthday today! Even though he is going through some major health issues, he has managed to stay positive and recently shared some of his favorite moments from his career as the long-time game show host.
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