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Liam is in California!!!

Tammy's favorite little man is in San Diego and couldn't be more excited! What does Liam have planned for the his visit to Tamma's house?
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Brett Young on Quarantine in the Driveway and New Dad Problems

Brett Young was touring the world when the coronavirus crisis went down. When he finally got home, he had to spend two weeks quarantined in a bus in his driveway! He talked to John and Tammy about that and what it is like being a dad during a pandemic!
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Taylor Tales: Party at Taylor Swift's House!

With her new album out, we are finding out real quick that a lot of people have great Taylor Swift stories! Including Mandy, who spent some time in her apartment!
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rv camping

Meet The Family That is Traveling The Country in an RV!

Five weeks ago Elizabeth and her husband left Lakeside with their three kids and dog to travel the country in their RV. How is life in a what is basically a tiny home with five people and a dog? She talked to us about it this morning!
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Another Round of Karens - July 28, 2020

Karens might be our favorite thing to come out of 2020, especially when they are caught on tape!
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LOCASH on Quarantine Projects and Their Shoe Size!

It wasn't an hour long Zoom, but it was still good to check in with our friends in LOCASH and talk about their quarantine projects as well as answer a very important question about their shoes.
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diy fail

John's Home Project Fail

What was the project you started at home that turned out to be way harder than you thought?
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regis philbin

Did You Know Regis Philbin Used to Work For KSON?

We lost a great entertainer over the weekend with the death of Regis Philbin. But did you know he once worked for KSON?
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Neighbor Gary Reads COVID-19 Memes: July 27, 2020

Neighbor Gary has even more COVID memes for you, including one that might explain the coin shortage:
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Morgan Wallen Talks Being a New Dad!

We were SUPPOSED to talk to Morgan Wallen a couple weeks ago, but he canceled at the last minute. Turns out he had a REALLY good reason - BECOMING A DAD!!!! We chatted with him about being a new dad and what he has been up to since quarantine.
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