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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 16, 2019

1) Channing Tatum posted a video ranting about how an app he downloaded knew too much about him, and he's convinced it was spying on him through his phone. Name the 2012 movie where Tatum played Mike...a male stripper who has dreams to make his own furniture. 2) Serena Williams failed to win her...
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One Second Cinema - July 16, 2019

Can you guess the movie from hearing just one second of it? Listen and play along below:
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John and Tammy Interview Rodney Atkins Backstage At Countryfest!

John and Tammy had such a fun time catching up with Rodney Atkins backstage at CountryFest! He said our KSON crowd is the BEST! Our crowd was so loud that it shook his bus and he wasn't sure if that was an earthquake or just the crowd! Haha! listen below to hear the entire interview and watch the...
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Is The Speech In The Movie 'Independence Day' The BEST SPEECH EVER?

On yesterday's "Throwback Live at 8:25" one of the answers was the movie 'Independance Day". Producer Jessica went on to say that the speech in that movie is the BEST speech in movie history! John of course totally disagrees and they discussed that this morning!
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