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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - May 22, 2019

1) Plans are in the works for a Whitney Houston Hologram tour and a new album. The singer died 7 years ago. What was the festival that featured a Tupa Holgram in 2012....Stqgecoach, Bonaroo or Coachella? 2) Keanu Reeves once bought an ice cream cone at a movie theater concession stand just so that...
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John's Daughter Julia Gets An Award At Her High School Senior Recognition!

John's daughter Julia from "Julia's Juice" (remember that?!) is graduating high school and at her high school's senior recognition awards she recieved an award and was recognized by her high school counselor! She even got some money! Go Julia! Listen below to hear John record some of the before and...
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Maren Morris

Why Maren Morris Went to Therapy After Watching 'A Star Is Born'

The Lady Gaga film hit a little too close to home
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What Did You Catch On Your Home Security Camera?

A dog owner hired a pet sitter to come in her home to walk her dogs and saw on her security camera that the pet sitter took his clothes off and sat on her couch, NAKED! Thank goodness for those security cameras! What did you see or catch on your security camera? Listen to some of the stories below:
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Where The Cell Are You? May 22, 2019

"Where The CELL Are You?" John and Tammy's newest game! A listener calls up and gives John and Tammy 2 -3 hints. They tell them what they see at that moment outside of their window and a landmark near them and John and Tammy guess where they are in San Diego based on a few clues. Let's see how well...
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