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What's The Most Unusual Thing You've Seen At A Wedding?

What's the most unusual thing you've seen at a wedding? Tammy talked about a story where a woman added her dad's ashes to her nails before walking down the aisle to feel like her dad was holding her hand. So beautiful...and maybe unusual? What's the most unusual thing you've seen at a wedding? Hear...
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - October 9, 2019

1) Even though Disney + is about to launch....the majority om Americans still say they rather pay for THIS streaming service...home of House of Cards and Stranger Things. What is it? 2) Brad Pitt is continuing his self improvement tour by studying with a world renowned sculpter. Fill in the blank...
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The Masked Shower Idol Singer with John and Tammy! CountryFest Christmas Edition!

We ususally do "Shower Idol" when "American Idol" is on but now "The Masked Singer" is on and John, Tammy and Producer Jessica have turned this into, "The Masked Shower Idol Singer"! Haha! They'll be singing CountryFest Christmas artist songs in the shower and their voices will be disguised. Listen...
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Cole Swindell Calls John and Tammy To Talk About Boots In The Park and More!

Cole Swindell is headlining San Diego's Boots In The Park on Sunday, October 20th and he gave John and Tammy a call to talk about that and so much more! They talk about what freedom song he thought of when singing his song, "Love You Too Late", they talk about pop sensation Lizzo and so much more!...
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'The Voice' Contestant, Kat Hammock From Encinitas, Joins John and Tammy in the Morning!

Kat Hammock from Encinitas is a contestant on 'The Voice' and joined John and Tammy in studio this morning! She talks about her experience so far on the show, her blind auditions and more! Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton turned for Kat, and she chose...Find out below! The battles on 'The Voice'...
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Five Alive - October 9, 2019

We've got a brand new game where you must STAY ALIVE!!! Five listeners are on phone and they need to pick a number 1-5, but they won't know which line they are on. Will they eliminate themselves or someone else??? Find out below:
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