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What Odd Place Was Your Package Left?

We appreciate the effort, but sometimes the mailman leaves your packages in weird places!
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These Twins Share EVERYTHING!!!

Sharing a birthday, clothes, maybe even food is pretty typical for twins. But sharing a boyfriend?!?! That is a new one!
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Mike Tyson

Lifestyle Advice From a Vegan: Be Like Mike Tyson!

Did you know Mike Tyson is a vegan? John's vegan daughter Abbey does and of course she's going to tell you all about it and why you should follow in his footsteps!
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Neighbor Gary Reads More COVID Memes - August 5, 2020

Remember that classic interview question "where do you see yourself in five years?" That question has a whole new meaning now!
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What Have The Brothers Osborne Been Up To During Quarantine?

The Brothers Osborne provided a bright spot in a dull 2020 with the announcement of a new album. But what else have they been doing during the quarantine?
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The Late Night Skunk Attack!

This may be the only time that Producer Jessica will ever be okay with her husband waking her up at 1:45am!
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Julia's Movie Reviews: The Final Review of the Summer!

As much as John hates to say it, the time has come for his daughter Julia to go back to school! That means, this is the final Julia review for a while!
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jay demarcus rascal flatts

What Country Star Would You Like to See on Reality TV?

Jay Demarcus of Rascal Flatts has a new reality show premiering August 19th on Netflix!
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The Great Pickle Debate!

Producer Jessica made a VERY controversial statement on the show about pickles and must now defend herself against a listener...
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coins change

Taco News: Pay In Coins For Free Tacos!

The coin shortage is starting to cause a problem for certain businesses, including ​your favorite fast food places! That's why one Taco Bell was offering free tacos to anyone that paid in coins!
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