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Throwback Live At 8:25 - July 8, 2019

Every day at 8:25am Tammy will throw it back with 5 pop culture pieces of audio that she will play for John and Jessica and they will battle it out between the two of them! This week, Producer Jessica is on vacation so Associate Producer Tonya gets to fill in for her! Who will WIN Throwback Live at...
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Producer Jessica Goes Looking For Bears While On Vacation!

Producer Jessica is BACK from vacation! She went to visit her family in Bear Valley, CA and had a great time. While she was there, she got word that there were bears showing up in BEAR VALLEY. So she got in the car and went looking for them! Listen below to hear about her adventure and hear about...
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Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge - July 8, 2019

1) The US Women's Soccer team Repeated as World Cup Champions, beating Netherlands in France yesterday. What country won the LAST World's Cup? 2) Martie Charnin, the Tony Winning writer who created and directed the musical "Annie" passed away last week. According to that musical famous song "...
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John Is Officially A Californian After Feeling His First Earthquake!

San Diego felt two earthquakes over the past weekend...and it was scary for some people like...JOHN! Even though we were far from the epicenter, San Diegans still felt it and some didn't. Whatv was your experience with the earthquake? Listen below to hear John and Tammy's!
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Hip Hop or Hillbilly- July 8, 2019

John and Tammy didn't know Associate Producer Tonya had a rapper alter ego named, Mystical Tearz and every Monday she'll be on with John and Tammy to rap for a game called, Hip Hop or Hillbilly! Mystical Tearz will rap the lyrics of 3 songs and a listener on the phone will have to guess if the song...
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