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One Second Cinema - April 16, 2019

Try and guess the movie from hearing just one second of it! We thought today would be a hard one and then our first listener got it right away! John swears it was his hint but we don't know about that...Listen and play along below:
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Life Throws John A Curve Ball

Sometimes life throws you a curveball right? Well that day was yesterday for John...had to happen on Tax Day right? Listen below to hear him talk with his daughter about some of the things going on and how she has such a positive attitude even with some of the things going on:
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Dog Collar Or Necklace?

Have you ever heard of a dog collar being called a necklace? That's what Kurt, Tammy's husband calls it! He asked Tammy to pick up a new necklace for their dog Sophia so find out if she bought one that was good enough for Kurt! Haha! Listen below:
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WATCH: This touching video shows Parisians singing hymns while Notre Dame burns

By now, we've all seen the reports of the tragic fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris today. As reporters and videographers converged to bring the images and story to the world, some correspondents turned their cameras to the Paris public who were watching the tragedy unfold. Ignacio Gil was one...
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