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padres fans

We Want To Get YOU As A Cutout At The Padres Games!

At first, John wasn't so sure about the cutouts of fans at the Padres games. But now, he loves and wants to be a part of it! But can Producer Jessica make it happen?
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wedding cake

This Karen Tried to Ruin a Wedding!

This Karen might just take the cake... the WEDDING cake!
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Luke Bryan Talks Farming Corn During COVID!

This is how weird 2020 is: Luke Bryan has another #1 song with "One Margarita" yet has NEVER performed it for a live audience! We talked to him about that, farming corn and family pranks this morning with John and Tammy!
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Two Dudes Talking About The Bachelorette: The Big Shake-up!

Bachelor Nation was ROCKED last week when it was reported that Claire was out as the Bachelorette! Are John and Mark excited for Tayshia's turn as the Bachelorette? What happened with Claire?
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drive in

Would You Have Your Wedding In a Drive-In?

With COVID canceling everything, including weddings, people are starting to get creative. But is a drive-in theater wedding way too unromantic?
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bachelorette party

Tammy and the Bachelorette Party!

Did Tammy try to insert herself into a strangers Bachelorette party? We think so...
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zoom birthday

What Would You Like To See Permanently Canceled After COVID?

COVID has canceled a lot of really great things, but also some not so great things! Are you good with engagement parties, bridal showers, etc. being permanently canceled? You are not alone:
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The Food Sexy Texts With John's Buddy

When John and Chef Brad get into a text conversation about meat things tend to get a little too.... well let's just say "adult."
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Friday Flub-ups - August 7th, 2020

It's been a while since we compiled some of the best of the worst of John and Tammy! This week we learned that John is very much like Ron Burgundy in that if it's on the script, he's gonna say it no questions asked!
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Life Lessons With Liam: Why Lying Is Bad!

Liam is visiting his Tamma right now, which gives us plenty of time for some new life lessons! Today, he teaches us why lying is bad!
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