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Neighbor Gary Reads Thanksgiving Memes!

As a special Thanksgiving treat, Neighbor Gary is back with some new memes just for turkey day!
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Two Dudes Talking About the Bachelorette - John is REALLY Enjoying This Season!

This might be the silver lining of 2020: John is LOVING this season of the Bachelorette! We're not sure if it's because the guys are annoying or Tayshia is GORGEOUS!
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Lifestyle Advice From a Vegan - Thanksgiving Vegan Style!

John's daughter Abbey got home just in time to make sure he celebrated a vegan Thanksgiving. What advice does she have for you this turkey day? Hint: it doesn't involve an actual turkey!
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Granger Smith Talks Thanksgiving Plans and New Music

Granger Smith has a brand new album out this Friday! He talked to us this morning about that and just how many different pies he will be eating this Thanksgiving.
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vegan turkey

John's Vegan Thanksgiving!

John wasn't looking forward to a solo Thanksgiving, but that all changed when his daughter Abby's plans changed. Only problem now is that he will be serving a vegan Thanksgiving.... ​
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deep fry turkey

Sam the Cooking Guy on Deep Frying a Turkey

Deep frying a turkey can have amazing results, but be super dangerous to accomplish. We talked to San Diego own's Sam the Cooking Guy to get tips on the best way to fry a turkey without setting your place on fire.
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What Would Do - The Expired Passport

Listener Bridgette was headed to a nice getaway with her husband to Mexico. Only problem, he had an expired passport and didn't realize it until they left for the airport! Would you have stayed behind or left him home alone?
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​That's All I Need to Know About You - November 24, 2020

If you yell at a cashier that is just doing their job... that's all I need to know about you!
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toy donations

KSON Listeners Donated a TON of Toys This Weekend!

This is the 7th year Mike Harris has collected toys for Toys 4 Tots with his motorcycle group at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Every year it gets bigger and bigger and this year you guys TURNED OUT! Mike called us this morning with an update on how many toys they collected over the weekend....
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Sam the Cooking Guy Schools John on His Turkey Cooking Knowledge

You know that guy that thinks they know everything about meat and how to cook it? That's John and this Thanksgiving he's trying to give advice to anyone going to cook their first turkey this Thanksgiving. NOT SO FAST JOHN! Sam the Cooking Guy is here to school John on his turkey knowledge and talk...
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