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john covid test

John's Quest For a COVID Test!

John and his daughters needed a COVID test after interacting with someone that tested positive. He quickly discovered that it's not so easy and he's not the only one...
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vegan burrito

Lifestyle Advice from a Vegan: Abbey's Custom Burrito!

What does a vegan do when she wants some fast food? John's daughter found herself the perfect burrito at a local favorite. But is a burrito with no meat or cheese worth it?
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Was Your Celeb Crush Heartbreaking?

Turns out there is a very scientific reason why you got emotional over those celeb crushes!
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Did Carole Baskin Confess?

Okay, maybe Carole Baskin didn't confess to killing her husband but, thanks to Cameo, it sure sounds like she did!
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road trip fight

What Did You Fight About During a Road Trip?

Many families this summer are taking road trips instead of flying for a safe vacation this year. But those road trips can cause some pretty common fights! What would your family always fight about during a road trip?
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COVID-19 Has Hit John's House!

Even though they were super safe, it looks like everyone in John's house has to get a COVID test this week and will be quaratining until they get the results. What happened? John talked about it this morning.
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Julia's Movie Reviews: Whiplash and Hamilton!

John's daughter Julia is back with another movie review and she has a couple issues with Hamilton that might start a fight with Producer Jessica!
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Two Dudes Talking About The Bachelor: The First Seasons EVER!

On the latest episode of "The Bachelor: Greatest Seasons Ever" John and Mark met the very first Bachelor and Bachelorette. Turns out the first season was almost as long as Monday night's single recap episode!
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How Many Times Did Jessica Cry: Hamilton Edition!

Hamilton is officially of Disney+ and it seemed like everyone was watching it over the weekend. Of course, Producer Jessica was one of those watching the second it was available. But how many times did it make her cry?
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What Did You Cook for the 4th of July?

The 4th of July is known for good food and, if you know John, you know he loves hearing about good food! He wants to hear what you cooked over the weekend in very SLOW detail!
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