Employment After Deployment

What does a man or woman leaving the military bring to the work field? An abundance of talent, a variety of skills, a desire to succeed and vast potential.

What are today’s employers looking for? Talent. A wide skill set. A desire to succeed and potential.

Making that connection is what “Employment after Deployment” is all about.

If you a member of the military transitioning into the civilian world and looking for work, we would love to feature you on John and Tammy in the Morning! Please e-mail Producer Jessica at Jessica@kson.com

Donzell Woodard - HIRED!!

Donzell was in the Navy for 5 years, 4 of them overseas and 1 year in Coronado as an instructor. He has a Bachelor of Science and is looking for an opportunity in any company to be an important part of a team. He is raising two young boys here in San Diego and is willing to make any sacrifice to...
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Employment After Deployment - Marc Alverez

Marc was in the USMC for 5 1/2 years, including a tour in Afganistan. Since then, he's been living in Oceanside, supporting his family and going to school for accounting. If you want to email Marc click here If you want to see Marc's resume, click here
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Employment After Deployment - Jerry Brown

Jerry served in the Marine Corps for 24 years, 6 years enlisted, 2 tours in Iraq and finished his career as a Major. After the military he's been busy raising a family and educating himself. Jerry is one year from his doctorate in Business Administration. Jerry is looking for a job in project...
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