Employment After Deployment

What does a man or woman leaving the military bring to the work field? An abundance of talent, a variety of skills, a desire to succeed and vast potential.

What are today’s employers looking for? Talent. A wide skill set. A desire to succeed and potential.

Making that connection is what “Employment after Deployment” is all about.

Hiring Our Heroes Event at Camp Pendleton

If you are a veteran, service member or the spouse of one and looking for a job, the Hiring Our Heroes Tour will be at Camp Pendleton tomorrow (3/22). This organization is dedicated to help those that have served our country find the tools they need to get jobs after they have transitioned to...
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Operation Connect

Operation Connect is an amazing organization that trains former service men and women for their future once they hit civilian life.
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Military in Transition Firefighter Day

If you are about to leave the military and looking for your next job opportunity, Military in Transition has some great resources for you. Military in Transition: Firefighter for a Day is on May 9th and will help educate the public on their program helping our military members to become...
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Employment After Deployment: Walter and Andrea are Hired!

We have double good news today as two of our Employment After Deployment candidates have been hired! Both Walter and Andrea now have great jobs, in fact Andrea's new boss found her resume on KSON.com.
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Employment After Deployment: Craig May

Craig May is about to retire from the Navy after several years of serving our country. He is trained as a Medical Office Assistant and looking for a job where his attention to detail can be an asset.
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Employment After Deployment: Jim Murtha is Hired!

We talked to Jim Murtha last year for Employment After Deployment. He served our country for 23 years and was looking to enter civilian life with a job in HR. today we got the good news that he is hired!
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Employment After Deployment: Joseph Owuondo

Joseph Owuondo is a Afganistan combat veteran and a senior at Point Loma University. He's currently studying African International Affairs and would love a job with the USAID or UN as a African Foreign Policy Specialist.
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Employment After Deployment: Louis H. Banks

Louis is a Navy Veteran looking for a job that can challenge him while helping a company succeed.
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Employment After Deployment: Andrea Graglia

Update: Andrea has been HIRED!!! Hear more about Andrea's new job below:
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Employment After Deployment: Jonathan Stroud

Jonathan Stroud was in the Marines for 4 years and recently got his degree in Journalism and Media Studies and ready to work for you! He is very passionate about space and public relations.
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