Dierks Bentley Shares He Broke His Hand in Video Singing With Daughter

Watch their adorable Maren Morris duet

June 28, 2019
Dierks Bentley

Andy Lyons, Getty

Dierks Bentley is gearing up for his massive Burning Man Tour. Just days before the first date in Clarkston, MI, Dierks was involved in a relatively serious accident that had fans worried he would need to postpone dates.

A mountain biking accident left the country star with multiple broken bones in his left hand. In an adorable video with daughter Evie, Dierks assures he’s totally fine and ready to hit the road.

The super sweet clip opens with the adorable duo covering Maren Morris’ “My Church.” After some amazing harmonies and shockingly good vocals from Evie, Dierks jumps in to make his announcement.

#colorado #evieoninstagram Broke a few bones in my hand but totally fine. Fired up for WI, MI and NY this weekend.

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“What’s up y’all! I’m totally fine, broke a few bones, but it’s just bones,” the “Burning Man” singer assures in front of a stunning mountain landscape as his backdrop. “I cannot wait to get back out there with y’all. I guess there was some concern as to whether I’d be on the road or not.”

“Awww. She’s beautiful. Feel better, Dierks!” Maren Morris commented on the flawless duet. Click here for the full list of dates across the country.  His upcoming tour is set to continue without a hitch, and Dierks expects his hand to heal quickly.