SDCC 2019 - Transportation, Ride Share and more To and From the Convention/Downtown

Catch the trolley, catch the bus, c'mon everbody ride with us....

July 12, 2019

Getting to and from The Gaslamp District in Downtown San Diego during San Diego Comic Con can be an actual nightmare.  Thankfully we have amazing public services with the Trolley and Bus, but the rise of rideshare services Lyft and Uber have made coming to and from really easy.  Here are some quick tips to help you get to and from Gaslamp for next week's Convention and Festival.

San Diego MTS - Trolley, Bus

If you are taking the Trolley in, try the Old Town stop to start your journey downtown.  You get on later than Qualcomm riders and the trains are a little more filled, but your ride is much shorter into and out of downtown and when its late afternoon with sweaty cosplay all around you, less is more.

Lyft and Uber

In addition to the tip below, try having your driver drop you off at Imperial and MTS Center Way.  This is right behind the Interactive Experience at Petco Park located in the Lexus Premiere lot with plenty of room for drivers to turn around and easy freeway access.  It's a hike from there to the Convention Center, but if you are going down to enjoy the festival atmosphere in Downtown, try this!


Lyft has announced a partnership with Amazon Prime this year that includes a sweet discount to head over to Balboa Park and check out The Batman Experience at The Comic Con Museum.  Lyft scooters, discount codes and more!  Jinkies Batman!