A KSON Love Story

Couple Gets Engaged At Lady Antebellum Meet & Greet

August 28, 2018

Get the tissues out... Thomas and Amanda's love story began at KSON CountryFest in 2014. Fast forward four years and Thomas proposed at the Lady Antebellum meet & greet! 


Thomas said: "In 2014 I met Amanda at KSON’s Country Fest with Headliner Sara Evans & Parmalee. She was standing front row when I arrived and I stood behind her. I don’t remember how we started talking, but naturally talking to people comes easy for me. We talked all night long during the show, and even danced a little bit. At some point during her show she ran out of storage on her phone and asked me if I would be willing to record Parmalee's, “Carolina” and that she would give me her number so I could send it to her. Now in my opinion, she wanted my number without asking me. Thanks to KSON this amazing woman came into my life. You all have been a huge part of our life and we can’t thank you all enough."

Lady Antebellum has been a huge part of their life journeys, because they are Amanda’s favorite country band. "I wanted to propose to her during their meet and greet. I was nervous but it was done and this the second most special night we have ever had. KSON you all rock!"

Congratulations to Thomas and Amanda!