Why Listen to KSON?

October 13, 2016

#1. It's How You Spell C-O-U-N-T-R-Y!:

We play authentic country music that caters to both modern and today's country world as well as the classic country tunes that play on our Legendary station. Our music library is up to date, and we play music that tests well according to the music YOU listen to. 


#2. Our On-Air Personalities Rock:

You have to admit, our talent is pretty awesome. Not only do they make you laugh, but they make you cry too. And sometimes both at the same time. KSON's personalities care about the community, charitable causes, and country music! Plus.. they give you free tickets.


#3. We're American:

We play The National Anthem, we help people find jobs after deployment, and we support our troops!! All around American, feel good country who cares about our country. 


#4. We're Kinda the Best:

I'm pretty sure we are the only country station in San Diego. If we aren't, we don't know who they are so....