Happy Friday the 13th....Did you Know?

January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th.....are you a little superstitious?  You're not alone...check out this info:


1.  80% of people are superstitious

2.  Here are some of our more common superstitions:

Do you wear lucky socks?

Knock on wood?

Wear lucky Pants?

Have a lucky coin (or maybe a rabbits foot?)

Cross your fingers (or anything else?)

3.  We are the most superstitious:

Taking a Test

Buying a Lottery Ticket


Getting Married (big one right there)

Buying a House

Looking for a New Job

4.  We are the most most most Superstitious when Halloween falls on Friday the 13th.

5.  And some people won't test their luck today...and will stay home!

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