Country Christmas Albums

Too early? Nah

October 27, 2016

Although I do think Christmas music is acceptable year round, it is an understatement that is can be a little tiring after months of hearing it. If you are the cheery type like me who gets overly happy about Christmas tunes and get in the holiday spirit surrounded by family, you will enjoy this quick list. I call this the "Throwback Thursday Christmas Edition" for all of the country christmas music lovers. Some olders than others, and the rest sprinkled in the mix because... Christmas. 


  • 1992 "Beyond the Season" by Garth Brooks


  • 2006 "Brad Paisley Christmas" by Brad Paisley


  • 2008 "Joy to the World" by Faith Hill


  • 1990 "Home for Christmas" by Dolly Parton 

  • 1963 "The Christmas Spirit" by Johnny Cash