Charlie Daniels Talks About Tennessee Fire

December 5, 2016

Charlie Daniels has been praying for those folks affected by the devastating fires in East Tennessee that destroyed parts of Gatlinburg last week. He shared before taking the stage at his Volunteer Jam last Wednesday night (11/30).

 "One of the most beautiful places in the word and having been over there and spent time over there and to see what has happened and I can imagine the heartbreak... I love my home it's the center of our lives...our family's lives and to imagine going home and seeing it burned down... I lost a barn a few years ago and that was bad enough to imagine going home and your home is destroyed. A lot of prayers, a lot of prayers and I've been praying and hoping the good lord will send a deluge of rain over there to help those guys."

Charlie did say that any event to help the victims of the fires he will gladly participate.