Brett Eldredge's "The Long Way" Is Just Adorable


October 19, 2017

Brett Eldredge didn't write the song about someone's story, and he didn't write it about someone he knows! Eldredge said he wrote it for someone he hopes to meet. This is the second single off of his self-titled album! 

This is getting to know someone's roots, taking the long way around their town, and hearing their past story. 

Super deep right? It's about really getting to know someone! 

Not to mention the beautiful Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty and Brett Eldredge give you the chills, and make you remember true love is out there as they take a trip to her hometown where they make stops at her childhood/family home and barn! 

Can this look less cute or..? 

The harvest in October...

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"The Long Way" video is here friends ‼️Honored to be a part of this @bretteldredge. Link to full video in my story!

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So here is the music video that was released on Monday!