Rascal Flatts' kids weigh in on their favorite Flatts songs

"He sings it all day long. I hate the song now."

October 9, 2020
Rascal Flatts

Photo: Terry Wyatt / Stringer / Getty Images


Last weekend, Rascal Flatts dropped their Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts: The Greatest Hits album, featuring twenty of their biggest hits and fan favorites, but what do some of their toughest critics think of their music? 

“My [18-year-old] son loves ‘Here Comes Goodbye,'" the band's Jay DeMarcus shares in a statement from their label. "He sings it all day long. I hate the song now. All over the house he’s screaming ‘Here Comes Goodbye.” He loves that video cause it’s snowin’. He loves the way Gary sings that song. But Dylan is singing ‘Here Comes Goodbye’ every day now.  Fun during quarantine.”

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In Joe Don Rooney's house of three kids, it's "Probably ‘Life Is A Highway.' That’s one that gets you goin’ and up-tempo, fun, and the kids recognize that one, obviously, from the 'Cars' movie.  And our youngest is five years old so, we still watch the 'Cars' movie in our house. And Jagger’s 12 now, [Raquel] Rocky’s nine, so they’ve kind of moved on and graduated past that, but ‘Life Is A Highway’ is still one that amps ‘em up, gets ‘em goin’.”

Gary LeVox's daughters are 20 and 16. “Brittany, she loves ballads and all that kind of stuff, so she’s grown up with all these melodies that we’ve done, but she sings ‘I Won’t Let Go’ all the time," he says of his eldest. "And ‘Banjo,’ probably for Brooklyn, cause she’s such a farm girl, she loves it. ‘Banjo’ is probably her favorite.”