Lady A's Charles Kelley discusses "fruity" Halloween costumes

“I wanna be a banana."

October 29, 2020
Charles Kelley of Lady A

Photo: Jason Davis / Stringer / Getty Images


With Halloween almost here, what does Charles Kelley of Lady A want to dress up as?

“I wanna be a banana," he shares in a statement from the band's label. "I think there’s something so funny and understated about a banana. Especially when you’re 6’6” and like, your little head’s poppin’ through and you’re like, a banana.”

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“Do they make ‘em your size?” his bandmate Dave Haywood ponders.

“I’ve been known to sew a thing or two,” replies Charles. 

“Really random,” adds Hillary Scott.

“I know. I’ve always wanted just like something just kind of funny, like a banana or like an apple.”

Happy Halloween!