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Eli Young Band Reveals the Song They Hope Never to Sing Again

"We just never really fell back in love with that song."

June 18, 2019

Musicians are told to never record a song they don't want to sing for the rest of their career. And there's no question that the Eli Young Band has one of those. 

“’Say Goodnight,’" quickly responds Mike Eli in a statement from his label. "I love the video though. ‘Say Goodnight’ is an incredible song and I don’t regret recording it, but we’ve played it live quite a bit, and we just never really fell back in love with that song. And I love the video so much because it’s about a robot and nobody likes the video that I think I maybe I have a bad taste in my mouth.

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“You were quick with that answer about the song," responds his bandmate Jon Jones.

"Yeah, I was ready," continues Mike. 

“But as far as songs that the people request, there’s not a song that people request that we’re like, ‘Oh God no,’ because people don’t request ‘Say Goodnight,'" adds Jon. "So that makes it easy.”