Brantley Gilbert Doesn't Want You to Get a Tattoo of His Face

"A lot of people will get song lyrics and stuff, and that’s really cool."

June 18, 2019

© Ron Elkman


Brantley Gilbert has plenty tattoos of his own, so he appreciates the uniqueness and significance of the art, and in general, he has a "You do you" philosophy about tattoos, but admits he gets a little weirded out when someone gets a tattoo of his face.

“It’s definitely permanent," Brantley says in a statement from his label. "Yeah, they don’t come off. Honestly, tattoos are as unique to people as fingerprints are. What’s special to them, who am I to discount what they get or why they got it.

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"[But] to me, yes, it’s extremely weird because if somebody gets my face, it’s my face on somebody else’s arm. But a lot of people will get song lyrics and stuff, and that’s really cool. It’s flattering, and it’s an extreme case of one of the most rewarding things about what I do for a living, is when somebody comes up and says, ‘Hey man, this song helped me through this’ or ‘I relate to this and it inspires me for this’. Them gettin’ a tattoo of song lyrics is an extreme form of that to me. So that’s cool. 

"As far as my signature and my face go, maybe my signature is a reminder of a song that means something to ‘em or maybe something happened at a show that’s memorable to ‘em. The face thing…. Yeah … yeah … uh, yeah," he concludes with a laugh.