Movember is About More Than Just Mustaches!

Steve West and Chad Little Talk About Prostate Cancer and the Alt 949 Silent Auction

November 12, 2019

Mustaches – as a fashion statement, they can be divisive. As a tool to bring folks together, they’re surprisingly effective, maybe even unifying. Mustaches are conversations starters.

If a hipster suddenly shaves off his beard and leaves just his mustache, people are going to talk about it, and the conversation Movember asks us to have is very specific.

Gather around the mustache, kids, today we’re talking about prostate cancer.

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If you live in San Diego and you like alternative music, you probably know Steve West. If you don’t, you wish you did. He’s got wild hair and a cool British accent. He hosts “Legends of Alternative” on Alt 94.9 radio – which means he can trace all your favorite tunes back to influences so obscure they might make your brain melt.

He’s also a prostate cancer survivor.

From left to right - Chad Little, Evonne Ermey, Susan DeVincent, Steve West

In 2004 he went to the doctor to pick up migraine medication and ended up being diagnosed with stage three prostate cancer, unrelated to the migraines (Prostate cancer is A-symptomatic, meaning it has no symptoms, and if you are showing signs, it’s probably too late.) Scary, right?

On this episode of Living Better in San Diego, Steve West and Pints for Prostates board member Chad Little share their stories and give us the lowdown on what YOU can do to become the ultimate mo-bro or mo-sister.

One of those things could be winning a chance to co-host Legends of Alternative with West or tickets to Wonderfront music festival, all you have to do is bid on the prize you want at Alt 949’s silent auction benefitting the Movember foundation. All bids start at $9.49!

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