EXCLUSIVE: Tim McGraw's "Neon Church" Is All About Life Choices

The country superstar delivers a brand new single!

October 4, 2018


Tim McGraw has returned with a brand new single today (October 4) and he's taking us to a "Neon Church." It is the first track to be released ahead of the country superstar's forthcoming album. 

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McGraw's "Neon Church" brings a “cool sonic sound” while painting a picture of what’s to come. Although it reminds him of a vampire sanctuary in the middle of the desert, the 51-year-old's new tune brings him back to his country roots. 

“Good choices and bad choices are so closely intertwined with how we live our lives ,” McGraw said.

While he hopes you appreciate the lyrics and simply just love the song, it's truly about the choices you make in life. McGraw's "Neon Church" is just the set up for him to deliver plenty of more great stories through his music.

Listen to Tim McGraw's "Neon Church" below.